Some decisions require more information than a report or spreadsheet. Therefore, we have developed a range of consultation services, delivered by in-house experts, to help you gather and interpret the information and solutions you need.

Having a local consultant allows us to deliver the data but more importantly, provide commentary and context through our personalised service.

For each project, we assemble information using tested methods, and we select analytical approaches that trigger insight and internal conversations that move your organisation forward. Our goal is to uncover intelligence that answers your most important business questions. You receive reports and the data in the format you select, allowing you to take action with confidence.

IP Solutions


File Histories

Save time and money with immediate access to the world's largest inventory of patent and trademark file histories. Learn More >>

IP Administrative Services

Save time and money by outsourcing routine IP administrative tasks to a trusted partner. Learn More >>

IP Analytics Services

Make faster, more confident business decisions with expert patent analytics. Learn More >>

Patent Preparation and Prosecution Services

Secure your patents quickly and cost-effectively with trusted IP services support. Learn More >>

IP Search Services

Get fast, comprehensive search results from a trusted IP services provider. Learn More >>

IP Translation Services

Drive productivity and improve accuracy with professional patent translations. Learn More >>


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Research Analytics

Research Analytics Consulting Services

Thomson Reuters has been an undisputed leader in providing publication and citation data for both knowledge discovery and evaluation of research. Our publication and citation data goes back in time to 1900 and is sourced from peer-reviewed international scholarly journals, conference proceeding and selected books.

Reliable and time tested, our next project for your institution could be:

  • A “bibliometric profile” of a research team applying for a large-scale programme grant
  • An evaluation of the effectiveness of a funded-research programme
  • Comparative analysis of selected research areas in a university (benchmarks against selected comparator institutions)
  • Development of an evaluation framework for a grant programme
  • Identification of leading researchers in a subject area or a geographic location in specified areas of research
  • “Expert locator” providing information on potential grant reviewers (including identification of potential conflict of interest)
  • Matching of doctorate recipients data to productivity databases (publications and patents)
  • Development of a grant assessment tool capable of identifying and retrieving grant applications by searching text and structured database fields. In addition, the tool provides a similarity search for related proposals and against databases including journal articles, research grants awarded by the NIH and the NSF, and US patent applications and issued patents

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Life Sciences

Life Sciences Professional Services

Thomson Reuters life sciences services include our Life Sciences Consulting group (R&D, Clinical & Commercial operations), GeneGo Services (pathway analysis in systems biology); and Thomson Pharmaceutical Services (pharmaceutical communication support):

Life Sciences Consulting Services

Thomson Reuters Life Sciences Consulting Services provides consulting services to improve pharmaceutical R&D productivity. We help our clients define, manage and solve their most pressing productivity challenges in R&D, Clinical and Commercial operations.

The service we provide spans across the pharmaceutical R&D value chain from discovery to commercialisation, with a particular focus on R&D productivity. We work with CMR International and Thomson Reuters data sources, arguably the most respected pharmaceutical performance measurement and science information services in the industry.

Our services include:

  • R&D Decision Making (POC)
  • R&D Investment Options
  • R&D Pipeline Modelling
  • R&D Portfolio Management
  • R&D Return on Investment

Life Sciences Consulting Services Fact Sheet 2pp, 96KB

Life Sciences Consulting Services Website

GeneGo Services

With over ten years experience, GeneGo – a Thomson Reuters business – is a world-leading provider of pathway analysis solutions, with a multi-disciplinary team of computational and wet lab biologists, bioinformaticians, chemists and medical doctors that can handle a broad range of consulting projects.

GeneGo Services Fact Sheet 2pp, 118KB

Thomson Reuters Pharmaceutical Services

Thomson Reuters can provide a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical communication support, from publication planning to medical writing, all tailored to the needs of the global pharmaceutical community. Our services span drugs, devices and biologics.

Our industry experts can help you fashion your clinical and non-clinical data - no matter what the scope and quantity - into concise, industry-standard formats that communicate the essential information to your target audience quickly, accurately, and in the language they expect.

Thomson Reuters Pharmaceutical Services Fact Sheet 2pp, 221KB


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