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Our many well‐known brands include the Web of ScienceTM, CortellisTM, Thomson InnovationTM, Derwent World Patents IndexTM, Thomson CompuMarkTM, MarkMonitor® and TechstreetTM, among others.

We are committed to using best-in-class technology that enables expert solutions to be delivered consistently and with confidence. Customers at the leading edge of innovation, rely on our combination of technology, judgment and long-established experience to help grow their businesses.

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Scientific & Scholarly Research

Scientific & Scholarly Research

Thomson Reuters is an undisputed leader in providing publication and citation data for both knowledge discovery and evaluation of research. For over half a century, Thomson Reuters has pioneered the world of citation indexing and analysis, connecting scientific and scholarly discoveries around the world. Our founder Dr. Eugene Garfield is one of the pioneers in the field of bibliometrics. He developed the concept of citation linking to track developments in science and created the concepts behind our flagship service, the Web of Science.

Our publication and citation data goes back in time to 1900 and is sourced from peer-reviewed international scholarly journals, conference proceeding and selected books. Coverage from both Web of Science and our other specialised databases allows focused research in all disciplines across the sciences, social sciences and arts & humanities. The Web of Science platform enables researchers to access the in-depth content and unique features found in each database. Web of Science is currently used by over 3,400 academic and research institutions and government agencies around the world and our performance indicators are widely used by funding agencies and research communities to gauge impact of their research. Millions of researchers, students, scholarly writers and librarians use our bibliographic management system to search online bibliographic databases, organise their references, images and documents in any language, and create bibliographies instantly.

Thomson Reuters Research Analytics Solutions provide high quality, reliable data and quantitative analysis and interpretation based on our deep understanding of scholarly research. We help organisations worldwide answering key questions that impact their future by supplying custom data based on your specification to inform your projects, delivering custom studies to answer an organisations' specific research management questions or drawing upon our analytics expertise for interpretation and reports.

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IP Solutions

IP Solutions

The IP Solutions business of Thomson Reuters is the leading provider of intellectual property content, solutions and services. Thomson Reuters helps professionals worldwide drive innovation, protect intellectual assets and maximize the value of their IP by providing solutions that power the intellectual property lifecycle. Our offerings are used by customers across the IP lifecycle to develop, maintain and extract maximum value from their intellectual assets.

Thomson Innovation, the premier IP research and analysis solution, is the definitive online intelligence source that sparks innovation and drives strategic decisions, giving you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. It combines global authoritative patent, business, and news content, analytics, and worldwide collaboration within a robust, integrated workflow platform.

Our wide range of Expert IP Services supports businesses worldwide to increase research productivity and improve intellectual property decision making. From Search Services (Novelty/Invalidity/FTO/Patentability), Technology Landscaping, Patent Mapping, Patent-to-Product Mapping, Standards Mapping to Patent Translations and File Histories, our experienced team of IP professionals delivers the highest quality information and insight that businesses relies on, allowing our customers to take action with confidence.

SAEGIS,  product of Thomson CompuMark, is the leading online trademark toolset for intellectual property professionals, combining powerful research capabilities with exceptional ease of use and convenience. SAEGIS lets users screen, investigate and protect valuable marks online, anytime day or night. SAEGIS offers direct online access to the industry's most extensive collection of global research databases, including more than 200 countries and registers.

Our Trademark & Copyright Services provide our customers with decision support for needs such as document retrieval and data validation. With our customised research solutions for the most challenging and unique brand projects we ensure that our customers can act decisively in times of change, avoid unexpected costs, and map out trademark strategies with confidence.

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Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Thomson Reuters provides professionals worldwide with the knowledge, tools and expertise to help support drug discovery and development activities, identify licensing and partnering opportunities, deliver successful regulatory submissions, keep you in touch with the rapidly-changing pharmaceutical and chemical markets, and make informed, early decisions.

Discover new insights and new pathways to innovation with Thomson Reuters Cortellis. Accelerate your decision making and expand your portfolio with fast and intuitive access to the critical information you need to confidently make the best business decisions. Find exactly what you’re looking for the first time with our intelligent searching, filtering, and alerting capabilities, focusing results to what you need when you need it.

Serving the biopharmaceutical industry, industry associations and academic institutions, our Life Sciences Consulting Services help our clients define, manage and mitigate their most pressing business challenges in R&D and clinical operations to provide biopharmaceutical R&D productivity. We have evolved from and in collaboration with CMR International — the pharmaceutical industry's trusted partner in performance measurement, metrics, and benchmarking.

Whether your challenge is in OMICs analysis, biomarker discovery, target identification, data mining, personalized medicine, mechanism of action or translational medicine, Thomson Reuters Systems Biology Solutions and Professional Services can support you with the experts and intelligence to make the best decisions for your organization. Thomson Reuters Systems Biology offers unqiue manually-curated content, intuitive technology and deep expertise and has enabled Thomson Reuters to be a trusted partner of research & clinical institutions, R&D departments and life science businesses all over the world. Click here to see how our solutions and services could help you.

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